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6 Signs It’s Time for a New A/C

One of the single biggest decisions you’ll make as a homeowner is when to replace your A/C. The upfront costs can seem daunting – even though you know a unit will eventually pay for itself through lower maintenance and repair costs, and a decreased power bill. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the signs that it’s time for a replacement.


Most HVAC units built and installed prior to 2010 use Freon as a coolant, Freon, also called R-22, is being phased out due to environmental regulations. So while it’s still technically available, it’s very expensive and no longer being produced. Even if you don’t mind the higher cost of this refrigerant, you will eventually have to replace the entire unit to get one that uses the more modern R410A.


Let’s say your HVAC unit was installed prior to 2010, but instead of Freon, your model was ahead of its time. If you’re noticing performance issues, it may be time for a replacement anyway. That’s because A/Cs typically last between 12-15 years. Large-scale repairs can be expensive, so save the hassle and invest in something new.


Even if your A/C is older, it may still be running great! What you really need to watch for is a loss in efficiency. Check the unit’s SEER rating. If the rating is below a 14, chances are it’s not running very efficiently at keeping you comfortable in your home. A new unit, with a higher SEER rating, should dramatically decrease your electric bill.


No one likes to be consistently dealing with repairs. If that’s ever been you, you know they can really add up. When evaluating all your costs, you’ll likely see that a new unit altogether is a very reasonable option. If the cost of a repair would equal a large part of a potential replacement cost, it’s likely a good financial decision.


The most obvious reason to get your A/C replaced is if it’s just plain not running! In the hot Texas summers, that is not an option, and may even be dangerous! If your unit is not running or is regularly breaking down, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.


Let’s say your unit doesn’t break down – it’s technically still running. But the temperature in your home just never feels right, even though it always seems to be running (and costing you money!). This is a sign that an aging system may be worn out, or may even be the wrong size for your home. A nice new unit will be the proper size to cool (or heat) your entire home without overworking itself!


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