Disposals Dos & Donts

Disposal Dos & Don’ts

Your disposal works hard so you don’t have to! It’s important to know how to maintain your disposal so that it keeps up the good work. Check out our list of disposal dos and don’ts below!

Disposal Dos

DO Grind With Cold Water – Cold water will cause any grease or oils that may get into the unit to solidify, so that they can be chopped up before reaching the trap.

DO Run It Regularly – Frequent use prevents rust and corrosion. Also, it prevents obstructions from accumulating.

DO Keep Your Disposal Clean – Your disposal deserves a good cleaning, don’t you think? To do this, add 3 large ice cubes and a half tablespoon of salt to your disposal. Next, turn your disposal on, then run hot water down the drain. Then, add in 2 thinly sliced lemons or limes (peel on). Last, run the disposal until the pieces are gone, rinsing with hot water again.

DO Cut Big Pieces Into Smaller Pieces – After cutting into smaller pieces, drop them in a few at a time instead of shoving a large amount in at once.

Disposal Don’ts

DON’T Put Anything In Your Disposal You Wouldn’t Put In Your Body – Non food items can damage both blades and the motor. When in doubt, throw it out!

DON’T Use Hot Water To Grind – Hot water will cause drains to clog as the grease accumulates.

DON’T Use Chemicals – Even though it may seem like a good idea to use chemicals or drain cleaners to clean your disposal or pipes, they can actually do more harm than good.

DON’T Turn Off The Motor Or Water Until Grinding Is Complete – After grinding, turn off the garbage disposal first and let the water continue to run. This will ensure any remaining particles are flushed down.

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