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    The Bosworth Company, one of Midland and Odessa’s leading plumbing, heating and air companies is based out of Kerrville, TX. We house a team of experts in the air conditioning and plumbing fields and are available to help you get your home ready for spring.


    Winter can take a toll on the plumbing in your home. In anticipation of the spring season, you’ll want to be sure your water heater is continuing to run properly. You also may have clogs in your drains that should be addressed during your spring cleaning spree.

    Essential plumbing services we provide include:

    • Water heaters
      • Electric
      • Gas
      • Tankless
    • Dishwasher repair and installation
    • Garbage disposal repair and installation
    • Plumbing faucets and fixtures
    • Sewer and drain cleaning
    • Locating and repairs for slab leaks
    • Water, gas, and sewer lines
    • Pool and spa heaters
    • Gas logs

    The Bosworth Company is one of the most comprehensive and responsive plumbing companies in Kerrville, TX. We employ a licensed and experienced staff that performs all of our plumbing services.


    Don’t wait until mid-summer to schedule a tune-up for your air conditioner. There’s nothing worse than having your ac unit break on a hot summer’s day. From cleaning and maintenance to preventive checks, we do it all here at The Bosworth Company. Give us a call to inquire about the following services:

    • Filter maintenance
      • Checking
      • Cleaning
      • Replacing
    • Checking of:
      • Electrical connections
      • Refrigerant charge
      • Amperage
      • Condenser fan motor(s)
      • Temperature differential
    • Inspect safety controls
    • Inspect and/or clean condensate drain
    • Lubricate motors
    • Check and calibrate thermostat(s)
    • Check relays and capacitors
    • Maintenance supplies
    • Clean condenser coil


    At The Bosworth Company, no job is too big or too small. We’re available 24/7 to assist with any problems you may be experiencing in your home. To learn more or schedule service, call us at (830) 428-2764 or click here.

    We’re worth the call. Always.