What Products Are Truly "Flushable"?

What Products Are Truly “Flushable”?

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With the advent of worldwide pandemics, one of the first items to fly off of shelves were those disposable disinfectant wipes. At the height of the hysteria, they couldn’t even be found at most stores. While they may work great at cleaning germs from hard surfaces, as well as your skin, there’s one thing they aren’t great at – being flushed down a toilet! In this post, we’ll discuss why certain items are not flushable, and the harm they can cause to your plumbing system.


Disinfectant wipes do not disintegrate in the same way that toilet paper does. After TP is flushed, it virtually vanishes, making it easy to make its way through your system and into the sewer. On the other hand, wipes and other synthetic products don’t decompose and can cause major backups in your drains. This can lead to damaged pipes and can even cause backups at water treatment facilities, which could lead to an overflow.


Some disinfecting wipes are specifically marketed as “flushable”, but is that really true? Usually, this means they are a little more biodegradable than the non-flushable version, but they are not fully safe to flush. Even if they will physically go down the toilet, that doesn’t mean they’ll safely clear your pipes.

Want to know if it’s really flushable? Look for products approved by the International Water Services Flushability Group.

They judge products according to these criteria:

  • Break down quickly and in a variety of environments
  • Cannot be buoyant (won’t float)


Ok, so disinfecting wipes are great for keeping things clean, but not so much for flushing down the toilet. Instead, simply throw them in the trash can with other waste you would dispose of. This will help protect your plumbing, sewage, septic system, and even your friends and neighbors from the potential side effects of a sewage stoppage.


If you believed the “flushable” label and it led to sewage issues in your home, or maybe you just need assistance with other plumbing issues around your home, The Bosworth Company can help. Our certified professionals can get the job done right the first time with no hassles. Make an appointment online, or call us today at (830) 428-2764. It’s Worth the Call. Always.

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