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Your drinking water comes from the city’s water main into your property via pressure, and it should only flow in one direction. However, sometimes, pressure changes cause water to flow backward into the city water line, potentially contaminating the public water supply.

A backflow prevention device prevents dirty water from traveling into your public drinking water system. This device needs an annual inspection and testing to stay up to Texas code.

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What Causes Backflow?

Water under pressure will always flow in one direction, from a region with higher pressure (the city water supply) to a low-pressure region (your home or business’s water supply.) However, pressure changes within the pipes cause water to flow backward and seep into the public water supply.

Your pipes may experience a pressure change if:

  • Your plumbing system has a leak
  • Firefighters use a fire hydrant near your home
  • A city water supply line has a leak

Because of the potential pressure changes in your pipes and risk of contamination, Texas law requires property owners in Kerrville, TX, to install a backflow prevention device anytime there’s a cross-connection between clean (potable) and dirty (non-potable) water. The potentially contaminated water may contain harmful chemicals, fertilizers, and even human waste.

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