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    4 Great Benefits of Ductless HVAC Units

    4 Great Benefits of Ductless HVAC Units

    The cold weather has finally arrived so before the temperatures drop too low, it’s a good idea to make sure your heat is up and running properly. Traditional central air and heat pumps use air ducts to keep warm or cool air circulating throughout your home. This helps...

    4 Great Tips For Reducing Your Heating Costs

    4 Great Tips For Reducing Your Heating Costs

    It seems like a Texas tradition. That long, hot summer lasts up to Halloween…and then it gets cold! Sure, we’ll have some warm days here and there, but in all likelihood, the cooler weather is here to stay. Is your heater up for the challenge? In this post, we’ll...

    Should I Replace My A/C Before Selling My Home?

    Should I Replace My A/C Before Selling My Home?

    Selling your home is an exciting time. For one thing, it means you’re getting a new one! But before you decorate your new digs, you’ll need to sell your current place. Sometimes it can be tricky to know what renovations should be made when it comes to preparing your...


    When you hear of The Bosworth Company, you may think we only provide plumbing services. After all, we’ve been doing that since 1949! However, you may be surprised by all the services we provide. No, we don’t just do plumbing and electrical work…we can do it all (even mechanical contracting)! Take a look at a complete list of our services below.

    Residential Service

    • From toilets to tubs, and even steam showers, we can take care of any and all of your plumbing needs.
    • Whether you need an entirely new HVAC unit, or just a little repair, we’ve got you covered!
    Reverse Osmosis
    • Enjoy clean, fresh water with an RO system from Bosworth; available to rent or buy!
    Water Softener
    • Just say “no” to that hard Midland water. Let us help with a water softener!
    Drain Service
    • Clogged drains? No problem. No matter what drain service you need, we can take care of it.
    Attic Insulation
    • Is the heat on but the house is cold? You could have insufficient attic insulation…but don’t worry! The Bosworth Team can take care of it and have your home comfortable in no time!
    Seasonal Clean & Checks
    • The best way to avoid problems with your systems is preventative maintenance! We offer both fall and spring clean and checks to make sure the systems in your home are operating properly for the upcoming season.


    Commercial Service

    Equipment Testing & Inspection
    • Testing for refrigerant charge; refrigerant oil; combustion and draft; amperage draws; temperature differential, etc.
    • Inspecting for worn or failed parts; oil level; safety controls; valves; water, oil and/or refrigerant leaks, etc.
    • Professional recommendations
    Optimum Preventative Maintenance
    • Cleaning coil surfaces; electrical contacts; burners; blower wheels and housing; combustion chambers; pilot assemblies; heat exchangers; condensate drains and pans, etc.
    • Lubricating motors; damper and fan bearings, etc.
    Air Filter Service
    • Filter inspection
    • Filter cleaning and/or replacement as needed.
    Maintenance Supplies
    • Oils and lubricants
    • Cleaning supplies and paints
    • Filters
    • All refrigeration sales and service to include walk-in coolers/freezers and ice machines.
    Emergency Service
    • 24-hr availability, 7 days a week
    • Preferred customer rate with no overtime
    • Priority response
    Corporate Requirements
    • Maintains all insurance requirements (liability & workers comp)
    • Maintains current air conditioning & plumbing licenses


    Mechanical Contracting Service

    Mechanical contractors are among the team of professionals who should be involved in construction. A mechanical contractor should be hired for anything that involves mechanical parts or machinery…especially if it involves plumbing, piping, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning work. The team at Bosworth wants to be the one you choose for any mechanical contracting service you may need.

    Let Us Show You The Bosworth Difference

    No matter which of our services you choose, for your home or even your business, we assure you we’re worth the call. Our employees are factory trained to provide you with the best service available. Since 1949, our reputation has been built upon providing a quality product at a competitive price while responding to the needs of our customers in a timely fashion. Give us the opportunity to show you the difference we provide!

    Worth the call. Always.

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