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We carry a line of Rheem water heaters exclusively available through Rheem contractors.

Rheem Professional Series water heaters are better quality than the Rheem Performance Series units you find at hardware stores.

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Rheem Professional Series v.s. Performance Series


Rheem Professional Series Units - The Bosworth Company Kerrville
Rheem Professional Series units include a self-cleaning system that uses a water spiraling process to reduce sediment build-up in your tank. That means less frequent need for flushing and a longer life for your unit.

Thicker Lining

Thicker Porcelain-Enamel Lining - The Bosworth Company Kerrville

Rheem Professional Series units include a thicker porcelain-enamel lining than the lining in Performance units, which helps the unit to better resist corrosion. This results in a longer-lasting hot water tank.

Higher Quality Valves

Higher Quality Valves - The Bosworth Company Kerrville
Performance Series units found in stores include a gas valve with a plastic case, and a plastic drain valve. Professional Series units carried by The Bosworth Company include a gas valve with a metal case and a brass drain valve.

Upgraded Heating Element

Upgraded Heating Element - The Bosworth Company Kerrville
Performance Series units include two copper heating elements. Professional Series units include one copper element and one reinforced stainless steel element to provide extra corrosion protection and longer element life.

Are you ready to replace your existing water heater with a state-of-the-art Rheem Professional Series unit from The Bosworth Company?

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