Save Money for Shopping By Lowering Energy Bills

Use the Heater to Save Money for Holiday Festivities 

The end of the year is coming, and that means two things. First, the holidays are here. Second, winter is ramping up, and a decent chunk of disposable income will soon be put to use paying heating bills. Between the two, most homeowners start to feel the pressure. 

The good news is that neutralizing one problem can open up some breathing room to deal with the other. By optimizing the heating system, homeowners can lower heating bills to free up some much-needed capital for entertaining during the holidays. Here are the three best tips local experts offer to help owners save a bundle on energy bills for holiday festivities. 

Upgrade to Smart or Programmable Thermostats 

thermostat There are a lot of tricks that homeowners use to keep their energy bills low. Some work, while others are just a waste of time. The reason that some tricks work is that they help reduce the amount of time the heater stays on. These tricks include manually adjusting the thermostat and adding weatherstripping around doors to preserve heat. 

The best trick for reducing the time the heater runs is to let technology take over the task. With smart thermostats, owners can reduce their bills by allowing these units to set automatic schedules. After making a schedule based on the family’s movements, acquired by motion sensors and cellphone data, smart thermostats optimize the runtime of the heater so the home stays warm when people are home and stops running when no one is around. These smart and programmable thermostats often save enough in the first year to justify the cost of purchase and installation. 

Replace the Air Filters 

air filterTo keep the home comfortable, the air must be circulated and warmed by the heater many times per day. This means every breath of air in the home is being drawn through the air filter all day. Constant filtration leaves the air filters riddled with dust that inhibits easy airflow, reducing the system’s efficiency and costing the owner substantial unnecessary prices on energy bills. 

To keep energy bills well-managed, homeowners should aim to replace air filters every three months. This ensures that filters are always clean enough to reduce restrictions and permit good airflow. Replacing them on the first day of every season is a great way to remember. 

Remember HVAC Maintenance 

Heater manufacturers make units that are optimized to run efficiently, but this is assuming that the unit is being properly cared for. After a few years in service, most heaters start to lose efficiency, which is often caused by a lack of maintenance on behalf of the owner. AC maintenance protects the air conditioner and the heater by allowing professionals to maintain each system once per year, usually before the corresponding season. 

During fall heater maintenance, professionals will take steps to: 

  • Increase efficiency
  • Lower utility bills
  • Eliminate surprise repairs
  • Protect air quality

If HVAC maintenance has been neglected for a few years, there is no better time to start than now so owners can start enjoying the savings immediately.  

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