3 Important Holiday Plumbing Renovation Tips

3 Important Holiday Plumbing Renovation Tips

We’ve finally made it to the holiday season! Those cooler temperatures may have you thinking about some home repairs. But before you break out the sledgehammer, there are a few things you should know. In this post, we’ll look at some important renovation tips – especially when it comes to potential issues with your kitchen and bathroom.


Probably the most common place to update your home before hosting for the holidays is the kitchen or bathroom. Upgrades such as showers, tubs, sinks, and countertops can really increase the look and value of the home (and impress your guests). 

However, there’s one common mistake that you need to avoid. Be absolutely sure that all of your new fixtures match your drain size. Drain sizes are not standard! Even something simple like a drop-in sink may not be a perfect fit on a custom counter. Make sure you or your contractors double-check everything to ensure they match. Mismatches can cause major disruptions and will ultimately lead to leaks and other damage.


Renovation projects can produce a lot of excess debris. This can include things like sawdust, nails, and even scrap pieces of drywall or other building materials. It’s critical that you dispose of these items properly. That means, don’t flush them down the toilet, and don’t let them go down any drains – including outdoor storm drains. Items like these can cause extensive, and often expensive, damage to your pipes and your entire plumbing system.

Also, whatever you do – do not put wet concrete down any drain! It will eventually harden! This could easily clog your entire plumbing system, meaning it would have to be completely replaced. Other solutions like caulking, pastes, grout, and even paint should be monitored closely and kept out of your drains.


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