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    The cold weather has finally arrived so before the temperatures drop too low, it’s a good idea to make sure your heat is up and running properly. Traditional central air and heat pumps use air ducts to keep warm or cool air circulating throughout your home. This helps keep your entire home at a comfortable temperature. But if you’re only using a few rooms, there are other options that could save you money. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the advantages of a ductless system.


    As mentioned above, central air will heat or cool your entire house – even the areas you don’t use. With a ductless system, you can break your home into zones. Each room has a separate unit that can be turned off and on as needed.

    Ductless systems have a separate thermostat for each room. That enables people in each room to set it at their desired temperature. Ductless systems are also noticeably quieter than their central air counterparts.


    A certified HVAC technician from The Bosworth Company can easily install a ductless system in a room of your choice. The units attach directly to the wall. They can generally be installed in a place that preserves floor and wall space and is not noticeable.


    When hot or cool air makes its way from your HVAC unit into your living spaces, some of it is lost. If there are tears in the ductwork or poor sealing at the edges, air will leak out into the attic. This creates excess air and excess power, which costs you money! Additionally, if you’re only heating the rooms you’re using, you’re also saving on energy costs in that regard.


    A ductless system can help make your air cleaner. Ductwork can become dusty, and that dust can creep its way into the ducts and eventually circulate into your home. 


    Right now is a great time to contact The Bosworth Company and take advantage of our Fall Clean and Check, where we’ll do a complete check of your HVAC system to make sure you’re ready for winter! The Bosworth Company is proud to provide ductless units manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric. To discuss this and other heating and cooling options, make an appointment online or call us today at 830-428-2764. The Bosworth Company. Worth the Call. Always.