5 Huge Benefits of Smart Thermostats

5 Huge Benefits of Smart Thermostats

The information age has arrived. Virtually everything you do is run out of a computer or connected to the internet. So why are you still using an old-fashioned thermostat? Fewer than a quarter of all US households have upgraded to more efficient, money-saving smart devices. In this post, we’ll discuss smart thermostats and some of the advantages they can offer your home or business.


We all know how a traditional thermostat uses a thermometer to regulate the temperature in your home by adjusting your HVAC accordingly. But imagine if you could have the power to change your thermostat from a computer or smartphone app from anywhere in the world. Changing the settings remotely will enable you to set your home to the perfect temp before you arrive, and adjust it while you’re gone to save money.


If you live in an older home, you may have an old analog thermostat with dials and switches. Newer homes may have a thermostat with a digital display, but that doesn’t make it a smart thermostat. Smart or not, the thermostat is critical because it controls every element of your home’s temperature.

When you set the temperature, the unit will either heat or cool until it reaches the desired temp before shutting off. Once the air in the house returns to a temperature outside the set zone, the process begins again.

Smart thermostats perform those same functions, along with several others. Not only can you control them remotely, but they can also be programmed to adjust for the time of day, week, weather conditions, and other factors.


Let’s get into a little more detail on some of the advantages of a smart thermostat:

  • The remote access feature is great whether you’re returning from a long vacation, or just getting home at the end of the day. You can set the temperature ahead of time so it already feels perfect when you arrive.
  • A smart thermostat can learn your preferences. If you typically turn the temperature up or down at particular times of the day, the system can recognize that and do the job for you. Of course, you’ll always have the option of overriding those settings when necessary.
  • Similar to security lighting, motion detectors can be set up via a smart thermostat to heat or cool rooms that are being used.
  • Voice-controlled thermostats can be an advantage as well; just call out when you want a change and it happens immediately!
  • Aside from comfort, one of the biggest advantages of a smart thermostat is energy savings. Not only will you not be running the HVAC the same while away from home, but you can also get a detailed report of your energy usage, which can help you identify ways to save even more.


The Bosworth Company has a variety of smart thermostats to choose from and we can help you determine which one’s right for you. If you’re interested in an upgrade, make an appointment online or call us today at (830) 428-2764. It’s Worth the Call. Always.