HVAC service myths are all too common

6 Common HVAC Service Myths

It’s a busy time of year for the HVAC professionals at The Bosworth Company in Kerrville. Many of you know Fall is a good time to get your unit tuned up as you move from using air conditioning to heat. But you may not know when is the best time to call. In this post, we’ll take a look at some common misconceptions regarding HVAC service and set the record straight!

Myth: Only call a pro in an emergency.

Most homeowners will call a professional when something is wrong, but wouldn’t even think about calling for routine maintenance. This is a mistake! There are DIY projects you can do on your own, but it’s always good to have a pro provide regular maintenance. The experts at The Bosworth Company in Kerrville can identify small issues most homeowners will miss. This will make your HVAC last longer and can save you money by avoiding more expensive repair costs.

Myth: Don’t bother changing your air filters.

It’s critical that you change your air filters regularly. A dirty air filter leads to less clean air and makes your HVAC unit work harder which leads to higher electric bills. It’s good practice to change the filters every one to three months. This is something you can do on your own without the help of a professional. If your filter gets clogged with dirt and dust, it should definitely be cleaned or replaced right away.

Myth: A bigger HVAC system is always better.

Not necessarily. You need one that fits your home. A heavy-duty HVAC system in a small or modest home will have a shortened lifespan and be much less cost-effective. It can also make your home feel more humid.

Myth: It’ll cost you money just to get an estimate.

If you need service on your HVAC unit, The Bosworth Company in Kerrville will not charge you just to have a conversation about your situation or provide an estimate on changes. We are here to help you determine your HVAC needs and take care of them. No hidden fees here!

Myth: Your thermostat can be placed anywhere.

The location of your thermostat is critical. Make sure it’s away from direct sunlight, vents, windows, doors, and appliances that produce heat. The thermostat should be in a central location on the wall of a room you commonly use. This will ensure the most accurate reading for your home!

Myth: Setting the temperature way up or down makes it work faster.

You’re cold, so you turn the thermostat up to 90. No!!! The heat is either on or off, so setting it high won’t make it get warm any faster. It just means that it will keep warming even after you reach your desired temperature.


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