Plumbing Donts

6 Plumbing Don’ts 

While unexpected plumbing emergencies do happen, a lot of plumbing problems can be easily prevented. In fact, most homeowners don’t realize just how precious their plumbing is until it stops working. Check out these 6 plumbing don’ts to properly maintain your plumbing and prevent costly repairs!

1. Consider relocating your trashcan – A lot of people put their trashcan under their kitchen sink. While this seems like a good place because it’s out of the way, it’s a place that can also damage your under cabinet plumbing with a simple knock or bump.

2. Be careful with your garbage disposal – Keep out certain things such as fibrous food peels, coffee grounds and eggs shells as well as flour and rice that can gunk up the disposal and clog your drain. Remember that garbage disposals aren’t a cure all for your food-related waste.

3. The un-flushables – Flushing un-flushable items can ultimately halt all plumbing by blocking your main plumbing drain. One of the biggest un-flushable culprits? Cleaning materials such as paper towels or disinfecting wipes. Trash them instead!

4. Leaving the hose connected during the winter – When you leave the hose connected to the outdoor faucet all year, you risk the faucet and even the water supply pipe, to freeze. Don’t take the risk and disconnect the hose before the onset of freezing temperatures.

5. Using chemicals in your drains – While it may seem like a good idea, using chemicals in your drains can potentially cause two problems: 1) using bleach and other anti-bacterial chemicals in your drain, you are stopping the helpful microbes that eat away your sewage in your septic system. 2) it can ruin your pipes and eventually eat them away.

6. DIY Plumbing – Trying to tackle blocked drains, leaking pipes, or water heater pressure on your own will likely lead to bigger (more expensive) problems. Plumbing is complex and should only be handled by a professional.

Worth The Call

While avoiding the above things can potentially help avoid costly repairs, if you do experience plumbing problems, contact the plumbing experts at The Bosworth Company! We’re worth the call. For other tips like these, be sure to follow our boards on Pinterest!