Addressing Mold Issues

Drain and drainage issues can be some of the most serious threats to your home. Many of our posts deal with simple problems like clogged pipes, but other drainage issues can lead to bigger issues, including flooding, which can be devastating for any home and family. Drainage problems can also lead to mold when areas in your kitchen or bathroom stay damp. 


As mentioned, flooding to the interior of your home is one of the worst and most expensive things that can happen. But before you chalk up the house and all your belongings as a total loss, see what is salvageable. Often, in moments of despair and frustration, flood victims will throw out nearly everything.


One of the major factors when considering what to save and what to scrap after a flood is the presence of mold. And just because some mold exists, doesn’t mean it can’t be adequately cleaned. Consider these factors:

  • How much mold is on the item?
  • Is it worth saving? (Valuable keepsakes and home infrastructure should carry more weight, than, say, a pile of old newspapers.)


It’s important to remember that mold is not just a dark spot on a wall or a fuzzy corner on the tile. It’s actually a living organism. That means…it’s growing. So whether it’s on walls, books, curtains, anything – if left unchecked it will continue to grow. As the mold grows, the host rots away. At a certain point, even the most valuable items should be tossed.


Thankfully, items with little mold damage are usually salvageable. Vinegar, essential oils, bleach, and other products can help you save furniture or other valued items. An infected item can be sprayed or soaked in vinegar to kill mold and prevent its spread. If you’re able to successfully stop the spread and kill the mold, you may have saved yourself some money!


Flooding is a fact of life in many areas, but proper drainage can help prevent it. If you feel there are draining or pipe issues in your home, The Bosworth Company in Kerrville can help. Make an appointment with one of our experts today by scheduling it online or calling 830-428-2764. It’s Worth the Call. Always.