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How To Spring Clean Your Pipes

We’ve discussed the importance of seasonal system checks, but have your pipes been “spring cleaned?” We know that most people associate spring cleaning with closets, kitchens and garages, but this pipes and plumbing are often forgotten! Find out just how to spring clean your pipes!


To check your sinks for leaks, fill the sink up all the way with water, letting it drain all at once. The large amount of water running through the drain will help identify leaks that may not be seen otherwise. Pay attention to the sounds you hear as the water drains. Any “glug glug” noises may indicate a problem with venting. Inspect the exposed pipes under the sink for puddles or drips.

Water Heater

Drain several gallons of water out to flush out corrosive material that could potentially shorten the life of your water heater. (Replacing your water heater after 15 years of use will save you money and provide more energy efficiency.)


Run water down all drains to see that water is flowing correctly. Snake any slow moving drains to make to ensure water is able to freely move through. To prevent clogs in the future, try adding strainers to all drains.


If the toilet handle has to be held for a long period of time, it may be time to replace worn tank parts. Replaced parts can result in a lower water bill! Also, be sure to check for leaks and cracks in your toilet bowl.

Outdoor Pipes And Gutters

Don’t forget to go outside! Make sure all debris is cleared from gutters. Using a hose, run water from a space far from the downspout to clear finer debris.

In addition to knowing how to clean your pipes, you’ll probably want to know how to remove calcium buildup from those sinks & faucets. Check out our tips on that, too! If you find any leaks while cleaning your pipes and plumbing, call The Bosworth Company today at (432) 570-5233 or use our online service request form.