Ceiling Stains Caused By Clogged Drain Line

Clogged Drain Line

Of all the things that homeowners dread, this is one of the very worst. You’re at home, with family, enjoying yourself, and generally minding your own business. Life seems great. Then something catches your eye. It looks like a water stain on your ceiling. Nooo! It’s not raining and your roof is new. What could be the problem? The answer is likely in the attic with your drain line.


Especially if your A/C unit is in the attic, the problem is likely a clogged drain pan. Turn off your A/C then head to the attic and find the drain pan. Condensation that’s generated by air conditioning is supposed to drain through a pipe that leads outside your home. But if there’s a clog in the line, water will stay in the pan. The drain pan should be dry. If there’s too much water in the pan, it will overflow, leading to stains and water damage on your ceiling…which could turn into a very expensive headache.

The bottom line: clogged drain = full drain pan = ceiling stains = possible significant damage

You can try to unclog it on your own, but navigating the lines can be difficult. We suggest you call an expert.


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