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    You may not realize the impact that hard water has on your home. Hard water is what happens when various minerals seep into your water on its way from the source to your faucet. The result is an altered molecular structure (not pure H2O), which produces hard water. While “hard water” isn’t necessarily dangerous to drink or use for bathing, it does have some side effects. These can include a bad taste and smell, and it can also leave stains in your bathroom and kitchen.

    In this post, we’ll explore ways you can prevent those stains from occurring, and offer some solutions that The Bosworth Company in Kerrville can provide.


    One of the places where you’ll often see hard water stains is places where water was left to dry on a countertop or inside a shower. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind those extra minerals, which result in a film covering the area. Hard water can leave the film, which reacts with soap to cause soap scum.

    The easiest solution is simply to thoroughly dry areas after use. Just use a dry towel to wipe away the water before it dries.


    The same way hard water can leave mineral deposits in your sinks and showers, it can also have an impact on your clothes. After washing a load of laundry in hard water, your clothes may be clean, but those extra minerals can build up on the clothing fibers, making them feel stiff.

    Certain detergents and other water softening powders and liquids provide a solution. They change the chemical makeup of the water so that your clothes won’t be damaged, even after dozens of washes.


    To take care of your whole house at once, you could consider a water softener system. The Bosworth Company can test your water and come up with a water treatment plan that works for you. A water softener system uses a process called ionization to remove the minerals from your water supply before they ever reach your faucet. Give The Bosworth Company a call at 830-428-2764 or schedule an appointment online. It’s Worth the Call. Always.