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Holiday Decor Safety Tips

We know what you’re thinking…holiday decor safety tips? What is there to possibly know about holiday decor safety tips? You may be surprised, actually. When you really think about it, holiday decor comes with some safety hazards. Knowing the risks and hazards could prevent a holiday emergency…find out more!

Christmas Trees

Don’t place a Christmas tree – either real or artificial- next to fireplaces, heating ducts or radiators, nor place them where they block doorways or high-traffic areas.

If you do have a live tree, keep in watered. A dry tree will burn faster than one that’s been watered.

When placing ornaments on a tree, keep child and pet safety in mind. Put the more fragile or sentimental ornaments closer to the top of the tree, and the unbreakable ones on the bottom.


When hanging lights on your house, ladders should be on level, firm ground (add leg levelers if you’re on an incline). To hang lights, deploy a ladder extending a minimum of three feet over the roofline or working area. Keep in mind that your ladder should also be able to carry both your weight and any objects you’re carrying.

Be sure your lights have cleared the safety tests conducted by Underwriters Lab or another established testing facility. Lights checked by the Underwriters Lab are marked with a holographic UL label (red label means lights can be used indoors and out, while green means indoor-use only).

Keep in mind, your source of power for your lights should come from a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. That way, if there is an over current, the outlet will shut the circuit down. If you don’t have an outdoor GFCI, contact The Bosworth team to permanently install one for you!

Cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires and loose connections may pose a fire or shock hazard. Before putting anything up, be sure to check all electric lights and decorations for damage.

Fireplace & Flames

Have your fireplace inspected annually and cleaned (we offer this service as part of our Furnace Check).

Keep candles away from curtains, bedding, paper, etc. or any other areas with the potential to combust. Also, be sure to blow candles out before you leave a room and to warn children of the danger of open flames.

There you have it! Holiday decor safety tips to keep your holiday merry & bright. For more tips and tricks like these, follow our boards on Pinterest!