Making Your HVAC Last

Improving Ventilation

Spring may not officially be over just yet, but the weather is definitely starting to heat up. Is your air conditioning ready? Once those temps rise, leaving doors or windows open won’t be an option. That’s why you need to make sure your HVAC unit is ready to handle the heat. In this post, we’ll discuss whole-home ventilation, and how it can improve air quality and comfort.


Did you ever notice that some parts of your home may be warmer or cooler than others? If you commonly use an a/c window unit or even ceiling fans, it’s obvious that you’re focusing your efforts on cooling one room. That’s fine if you’re going to stay in one room all day, but what if you want your whole home comfortable?

A whole-home ventilation system will help maintain the temperature throughout your home while maintaining energy efficiency and saving you money on your power bill.


Quality ventilation means improved indoor air quality. Here’s why: to have clean, breathable air, you need the right mix of indoor and outdoor air. That means fresh air is constantly pumped in, and dust, mold, and other contaminants that can accumulate in your home are pumped out. That perfect blend will create clean and comfortable air for you and your family. A whole-home ventilation system can be a win-win for you and your family.


Whole-home ventilation can be a great way to save energy, which means lower power bills, saving you money. During the process of mixing indoor and outdoor air, the unit is able to harness thermal energy from the air as it leaves the home, and use that energy to cool the incoming air. This not only saves the energy it takes to heat or cool the air, but it also prevents the loss of energy in the process.


If you’re ready to improve air quality, keep your home’s temperature even throughout the house, and manage your power bills at the same time, give The Bosworth Company a call. You can make an appointment online, or by calling 830-428-2764. It’s Worth the Call. Always.