Highgrove Bathroom

Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

Summer is coming to an end, vacations are winding down, and the kids are off to school. You know what that means? It could be the perfect time for remodeling your bathroom! Of course, a bathroom remodel is not a small task, and it’s helpful to have a plan before you begin. We’re giving you some helpful tips for remodeling your bathroom!


First of all, what is your goal is with this bathroom remodel? What features would you like it to have? What would you like the layout to be? Look online or check out our Pinterest boards for some ideas of what you’d like your bathroom to ultimately look like!


Will your bathroom remodel involve knocking down walls or tearing out fixtures? You may want to involve a designer who can help guide you through the process and make sure you’re making the right decisions.


One thing that will that will save you a lot of time and headache later on is deciding where you want to place your bathroom accessories. For example: towel racks, the sink, toilet paper holder, and the mirror placement and height should be planned out ahead of time. Not sure where you want everything? Use painter’s tape on the wall and adjust accordingly.

Water Heater

If you are putting in a soaking tup or multi-head shower, you may need a bigger water heater. Check into tankless options to give you never-ending hot water and cost savings!


Decide what look best suits you, but don’t get caught up in look alone. Each tile option comes with pros and cons. Some are easy maintenance, while others are not. Think about things such as practicality and cleaning when choose the tile for your bathroom remodel.


Choose a vanity that fits the needs of you and your family. A pedestal sink may be sleek in design, but would not be the best fit for someone looking to store a lot of items into a bathroom.

Other Tips:

Locate all water shutoff valves to avoid floods when removing fixtures.

Measure to ensure all fixtures will fit.

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