Slab Leaks Found by The Bosworth Company Kerrville

Slab Leaks

It may surprise you to know that slab leaks are a common problem experienced by many homeowners. If you feel like you can hear running water, even when NOTHING is turned on, you may have a slab leak. If the carpet or flooring is moist or if there are warm areas on the floor, you may have a slab leak. Read on to learn more.


Many homes are built on concrete slabs. This solid base makes a great foundation for your home. Oftentimes, pipes carrying water to and from your home go right underneath the slab. Inevitably, these pipes will break down over time. Even a pinhole-sized leak will eventually cause problems in your slab.


In the same way that you shouldn’t cut into a wall to find a leak in your home, you should not start breaking concrete looking for a leak underneath the slab. Instead, call a professional who has the proper equipment and knows how to find the leak while limiting any damage to your property.


There are several variables that could define your slab leak. The location and severity of the leak will help determine the exact solution. Lucky for you, knowing those factors before you get started will help reduce the cost of repairs.


The best way to save money on slab leak repairs is to avoid having one in the first place. Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Avoid drain cleaners with harsh chemicals. These can be effective in clearing clogs, they can also cause your pipes to break down or weaken. Remember, even a tiny hole in a water line can lead to major problems.
  • Keep an eye on the PH level of your water – if it’s too high or too low, that could cause problems as bad or worse than harsh chemicals.
  • Good water pressure feels great in the shower but pressure that’s too high can cause unnecessary stress on your pipes, which can lead to corrosion. 


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