Air Purifiers compared

The Differences Between Air Purifiers

As the weather finally starts to get cooler and we switch off the A/C and switch on the heat, you’ll probably notice something new in the air – and it isn’t good. The first several times you run your heater, you may notice a musty smell. Sometimes it even smells like something’s burning. This may prompt you to start thinking about how an air purifier could help you breathe easier in your home. This post will explain the differences between the air purifiers you can purchase for your home.


Unlike a simple filter, air purifiers scientifically clean the air. They suction the air from living spaces, clean it, then push it back into your home for you to breathe. 


There are two common types of air filters. Some are standalone, meaning they are a separate unit that you leave in a room in your house. Other purifiers are installed directly inside the air-duct, so they clean all the air moving through your system and distribute it throughout your home.

Standalone models use a variety of purification methods:

  • UV light: Ultraviolet light kills bacteria and other viruses as air passes through it. These are typically very small and won’t take up much space.
  • Activated Carbon: These are great at eliminating gas and smoke by using carbon and HEPA filters.
  • Ionic Air: Negatively charged ions shoot into the air and attach themselves to bacteria in the air, causing them to die.
  • HEPA filters: High-efficiency filters work similarly to simple filters in your vents to trap dirt and dust.

In-duct air purifiers, also known as Central Air Purifiers, are installed directly into your central HVAC unit. The main advantage is that they provide air purification to your entire home. Here are a few of the different styles of in-duct purifiers:

  • Central Air systems: Installing directly into the air ducts also means your HVAC system will run more efficiently.
  • Exchangers: Air-to-air exchangers bring in fresh air from the outside. This filtering process also helps keep the air in your home fresh.
  • Electronic Cleaners: These use HEPA filters and electric static to clean the air.


Air purifiers help to eliminate 99% of airborne pollutants in a particular room. Likewise, the in-duct purifiers eliminate 99% of airborne pollutants in your entire home. These can include gases, viruses, bacteria, smoke, odors, pet dander, mold, and other harmful particles.


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