Plant Depth at Riverbed

Water-Wise Garden Tips For Spring

We all love a good spring garden. But the lack of rain we get in West Texas can leave you wondering if that’s even possible! Have a look at these garden tips to create a high color, low water, garden this spring!

Direct Water

Use a path of small and medium-sized smooth stones to direct rainfall where you want it to go. For example, if you know you have water drain down the drip edge of your roof, create this path under the stream and direct its flow with stones. To find out how to utilize rainwater, check out our blog: How To Collect And Use Rainwater.

Mini Mountains

Speaking of stones, incorporate rocks of all sizes in your garden to add height and define spaces, like mini mountains. There doesn’t have to be a method behind where you place the rocks, just wherever you think they look best.

Plant For Color

Use annuals minimally. Mix perennials, woody plants, culinary herbs, grasses and cacti for a mixture of both color and texture.

Attract Nature

Welcome birds and bees with nectar-rich flowers. Include perennials such as daylilies, columbines, lupines or an annual such as impatiens or petunias. Herbs such as rosemary, basil and lavender are also excellent nectar sources. Purple sage is also a colorful, bee-attracting bush to have.

Shop Local

Local nurseries carry unique plants that can thrive in your garden. Not to mention the people who work there are knowledgeable about the area, soil, and growing patterns. Use them as a resource for recommendations!

Consider Height

Try including plants and trees with height to help balance your garden. Sculptural plants, such as the yucca tree, add shape, height and texture. Some will even hold up during winter!

Grow Where They Go

Unlike rose bushes, don’t feel that you have to constantly maintain a water-wise garden. Let the plants you choose naturalize and find their place.

Hopefully those waster-wise garden tips above help you with a high color, low water garden this spring! For other tips like these, follow our  boards on Pinterest!