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Why You Need A Kohler Home Backup Generator This Winter

In the beginning of 2015, Midland experienced record low temperatures with freezing rain. This severe weather caused power outages for up to 48 hours! If you were one of those unfortunate homeowners, you know all too well the challenges you faced. If, however, you did not lose your power during that freeze, you were blessed as you never want to experience a home without electricity when the temperature outside is below freezing! By investing in a Kohler home backup generator, you can avoid being without power!

Here’s How It Works

A Kohler backup generator is installed outside your home and will keep your power on during an outage. It comes on automatically within seconds of an outage. Whether you’re at home or away, you can count on Kohler generators to back up your home’s electrical system. A Kohler generator provides power to your critical hard-wired systems like AC, heat, sump pumps, well pumps, security systems and large appliances.

Kohler home backup generators run on existing natural gas or LP fuel supply, so they don’t need gas cans or extension cords. No matter what the circumstances are, your Kohler generator is fueled and ready to deliver power to your electrical panel. From the refrigerator to your HVAC, Kohler will protect all of your home’s electrical systems.

Don’t risk the comfort of your family this winter! Invest in a Kohler home backup generator. If you would like more information about this generator or other systems to keep your home warm this winter, you can contact us by calling 432-570-5233.

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