Picture of an attic with no insulation installed

Attic Insulation Installation

You may not realize all of the services that The Bosworth Company offers. In fact, our services include the installation of attic insulation. With cooler weather upon us, it may be something you’ve been thinking about.

Having proper insulation is a win-win for your comfort. It keeps your home cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. At The Bosworth Company, we use loose-fill fiberglass insulation. Here’s some information on insulation and how it can be applied:


Fiberglass batts can be rolled out across your attic. This is common in older homes and is likely what you’ve seen before. Unfortunately, fiberglass batts are a much less efficient way to insulate your home compared to newer methods. However, they are still very popular due to the cost and ease of insulation.


Most newer homes and businesses exclusively use “loose-fill” fiberglass. It’s installed by blowing what looks like puffs of snow throughout your attic. This is considered much more efficient because, unlike the fiberglass batts, each piece of insulation will fill in all the space in your attic. The spray will settle evenly across the attic, even in places that the angle of the roof may make it hard to reach.

You can purchase blocks of loose-fill fiberglass at your hardware store, then rent a machine that will blow it into your attic. But use caution: though this can be a DIY project, it is not recommended. Not only is it difficult, but the fiberglass can be dangerous if breathed in. We recommend hiring a professional like us at The Bosworth Company.


Save the trip to the hardware store, and hire The Bosworth Company to handle your attic insulation installation. We’ll take a look at the specific needs of your home and attic and come up with a plan to keep you comfortable and save you money. Call today at 830-428-2764 or schedule an appointment online! The Bosworth Company. Worth The Call. Always.