5 Signs Its Time For a Furnace Replacement

Need an HVAC Pro? Part 1

Like many types of home maintenance, you would probably do it yourself if you had the time and expertise. HVAC maintenance can often be tedious, sometimes scientific, and more often will require the help of a pro. In our next couple of posts, we’ll explore the reasons why getting some help will be your best bet.


Sure, you could possibly get your heating or A/C running, but getting it done right the first time is the way to go. A certified HVAC technician from The Bosworth Company has the skills to keep your unit running for years to come. The increased efficiency we provide will save you money in the long run.


Doing it yourself or hiring an amateur can be risky. On the off chance that someone gets injured, you could be held liable. The pros at The Bosworth Company are fully insured, so in case something does happen, you’re covered!


Technology in the HVAC world is advancing all the time. A do-it-yourself kit or instructions from YouTube may not always be the safest, most efficient, or best option. Our certified professionals are constantly learning the latest techniques and tools to keep you comfortable!


You need heat in a deep freeze and air conditioning during a heatwave. If your HVAC unit goes out, you need it fixed ASAP! Doing it on your own could take time, and leave you waiting. Give The Bosworth Company a call and we’ll get you back to normal fast.


An HVAC pro can not only get your unit up and running, but they can also provide general maintenance that will keep it going strong. Besides heating and air conditioning, we can also make sure your ventilation and air quality systems are also properly maintained.


The Bosworth Company is here to help! Call us today at 830-428-2764 or set up an appointment online. We’re Worth the Call. Always.