Preventing Seasonal Allergies With Air Filtration

Preventing Seasonal Allergies With Air Filtration

If you suffer from allergies, you know there are so many things that can potentially trigger them. In places like Kerrville and the Texas Hill Country, allergy sufferers are exposed to a multitude of pollen and allergens that can leave you sniffly and watery-eyed for days. The good news is that a proper home air filtration system can work wonders at getting rid of the contaminants and helping you breathe easier. In this post, we’ll discuss a few things you can do to help!


We all know that mold grows in dark, wet places. We also know that breathing in mold spores is terrible for your allergies. You may not realize that dead leaves and grass that start in the fall and carry into winter are major contributors to mold. 

Preventing mold in your home is best accomplished by keeping the humidity low. Simple steps include running the vent fan in the bathroom during showers, or in the kitchen when you’ve got food on the stove. It may sound minimal, but keeping that moisture out of your home makes a big difference in preventing mold. That will help prevent allergens that can cause things like cough, sore throat, headache, and itchy, watery eyes.


As long as we’re still getting those occasional warm days, your vents may be going back and forth between handling warm and cool air. This can actually make it harder to fight humidity in your home, making mold even more likely.

If you do find mold inside your home, make sure it’s not in your air vents or ducts. Once mold makes it into your air circulation system, your allergies are toast! Aside from being bad for your health, mold in the ducts will also lead to the deterioration of your system itself. At that point, getting a home air purification system is critical!


Now that temperatures are falling, it’s likely you’ll spend more time indoors. That means it’s even more important to have clean air available for breathing – but more time inside also means that more dirt and dust will accumulate. A regular dusting around your air vents can help prevent these allergens. You can even remove the register (vent cover) and reach into the duct to clear out any dust that may be lingering.


If allergies are bothering you, or you just want to breathe cleaner air in your home, The Bosworth Company has a variety of air purification systems to meet your family’s needs. Make an appointment online, or call us at (830) 428-2764. It’s Worth the Call. Always.