How to Protect Outdoor A/C Units in Winter

How to Protect Outdoor A/C Units in Winter

We talk a lot about preparing your heating and plumbing equipment for the various seasons. For example, how you prep your pipes for the summer may be different than how you prepare for the winter. In this post, we’ll explore another question that may be more common than you think: what to do with your exterior A/C unit once the temperature drops? Here are a few things to remember.


Modern air conditioners are meant to withstand extreme heat and cold. Think about it: they live outside your home, so they need to be able to withstand extreme temps as well as wind, rain, and even snow and hail. 

Even inside the external condenser unit, the coils and other components are designed to handle the extremes. 


Here in the Midland and Odessa area, we can experience temperatures around zero, but overall our climate is not considered bitter cold, as the freezing temps in our area are usually short-lived. If we do find ourselves in a deep freeze (like in 2021!) with several days of temps below freezing, a cover could potentially be used to prevent ice buildup. But BEWARE: A tightly-fitting cover can actually cause more problems than it solves. Covering your exterior unit could cause damage because it restricts airflow and can lead to excessive moisture – both things you want to avoid!

The main thing you can do to keep your exterior A/C units safe and efficient during the winter months is clearing brush and debris from around the area, so they don’t restrict airflow to the fan.


If you use a window unit to cool your home, why not just take it down during the months that it’s not in use? We know this might not be feasible depending on your setup, but it could extend the life of your unit. Not only will that protect it from any potential damage from the cold, but it will also help prevent cold drafts through any tiny openings in your window. Giving the window unit a break also means it will last longer in the long run.


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