5 Crucial Drain Maintenance Tips

5 Crucial Drain Maintenance Tips

You may not spend much time thinking about the drains around your home, but they are an important part of keeping you comfortable. This applies to drains throughout your home, including in the kitchen, utility room, bathroom sinks & showers, and in the bathtub. In this post, we’ll offer some simple steps on how to maintain your drains and keep the water flowing!


It may seem obvious to you, but you wouldn’t believe the types of things people try to put down their drains. But even common, everyday items can cause buildup in your pipes that you don’t want. Things like soap scum, hair, coffee grounds, and grease from cooking should be kept out of drains. This also applies to your kitchen sink – even if you have a garbage disposal.


You flush the toilet after every use, but do you ever think of flushing your drains? It’s not a bad idea to do it as frequently as every week. Boil a pot of water on the stove, and pour half of it down the drain. Then wait about five minutes and pour in the rest. Repeat this process on every drain in your home. That steaming hot water will help clear the gunk and grime out of your pipes and keep water flowing smoothly. This trick really works to melt thick grease in the kitchen that can easily turn into a thick sludge.


Aside from the weekly boiling water, you can use an enzymatic cleaner about once a month. These high-grade cleaners can be purchased online or at most general hardware stores. Enzymatic cleaners use a special combination of enzymes that will chemically break down harmful residue in your drain without damaging your pipes. Just follow the directions on the label.


As mentioned above, just because you have a garbage disposal doesn’t mean you can put just anything down the drain. (Celery is a big no-no, trust us.) But, there are ways to maintain the disposal itself. One easy way is by dropping a few ice cubes down the drain, then letting the garbage disposal chop them out. This not only helps clean out some of the sludge that might be built up but it also sharpens the blades in the process.


To really do a number on a clogged drain, take a page from your high school chemistry class. Combining vinegar and baking powder creates a powerful reaction that’s great for drain cleaning.  Sprinkle about half a cup of baking powder inside and around the top of the drain, then pour in about the same amount of vinegar, and let the bubbles do their job. It will magically eat away at gunk and grime.


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